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  • Dr Pen A6S
  • Dr Pen A6S
  • Dr Pen A6S
  • Dr Pen A6S
  • Dr Pen A6S
Dr Pen A6SDr Pen A6SDr Pen A6SDr Pen A6SDr Pen A6S

Dr Pen A6S

  • Product description: dr pen A6S
Dr. Pen A6S Pen is developed and manufactured according to the highest standards in the United States, and contains a trusted Swiss motor. 
Completely upgraded perfect beauty tools to meet your various beauty needs.

Dr.Pen A6S machine is designed with a special three slot and bayonet green cartridge, very solid; 
and a digital LED display that shows the speed you are working (6 speed levels); 

and has two durable Built-in 500mAh battery, each battery can work for eight hours.

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