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Sauna Blanket


Far Infrared Ray Twota Sauna Blanket



1.Employ excellent far infrared fibre
2.micro-computer procedure
3.digital control for temperature
4. LCD screen, easy for temperature adjust
5. According to body fat situation, the fat dissolving blanket is consist of three parts for temperature adjust, completely to dissolve fat.


1.Dissolve fat Infrared ray makes a direct action to the fat structure,dissolve and liquefy the fat cell ,largely decrease the fat cell.

2.Eliminate fat Infrared ray can release a great deal of heat energy,accelerate the circulation of blood and lymph,promote the metabolism,speed biochemistry reaction,consume AIP,make catabolism of fat C.

3.Shrink fat: Infrared ray rise the temperature of local tissue ,enlarge the pore,outflow the sweat, moisture of the fat cell enter into the cell,greatly lessen the volume of fat cell.

4.lymph detoxin:Heat can enlarge the capillary vessel ,speed blood circulation,metabolism material and the dissolved fat enter into the bloodaccelerate the lymph circulation,get rid of toxin .

5.Relax muscle hyperkinesiaHeat energy generated by infrared ray can lessen the tensility of muscle,relax the muscle.



1.Daub the weight losing creamon the body area. It will be better if wrap the body with the preser vative film then use the machine for the treatment.

2.If the treated area has sense obstacle, properly reduce the temperature to avoid scald.

3.The body parts have serious blood circulation problem should not be treated by this machine .

4.During treatment,the beautician should carefully observe the response of clients,asking for their feeling,avoid overheating and cause scald.



Voltage: 220 v /110 v
power: 800 w
HZ: 50/60 HZ
temperature: 25-75 degree
size: 85*45*15 cm
working time: 20 30 40 60 min


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