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Portable PDT/LED beauty machine 


Function :

1.Can improve skin ageing, slack. big pore

2.Discharge toxins ,improve dark skin ,eliminate facial edema and black eye socket

3.remove pigments and spots ,minimization of blotchy skin coloring

4.Repair damaged skin

5.Have good effect in detumescence and diminish inflammation of acne


Colorful light:


1,Red Light

The red light 's wavelength is 630mm ,whose feature is high purity ,high intensity and average energy density. The red light can improve cytoactive. Accelerate the metabolism . promote the skin to secrete collagen and fibrous tissue , Accelerate blood circulation ,improve the skin elasticity and dark skin ,and get the effect of anti-aging and antioxidation,which can not be got from traditional skin care product. red light is suitable for the group of sub-health , dry skin, irritability skin


2.Blue Light

The blue light's wavelength is 415 mm,which have good effect in restraining inflammation ,minimize the produce of the acne

Suggestion treatment course: doing 15 minutes every time .and every 3 day do one time


3.Purple Light

It is the two-frequency light of the red light and blue light .which combines the effect of the 2 light ,have good effect in removing acne and blain


4.Yellow Light

 Replenish the energy to the skin, accelerate the function of gland ,help digestion ,cure skin diseases


5.Green light

Remit mental stress, dredge lymph , eliminate edema


6.Orange Light

Improve cell energy ,accelerate metabolism


7.Laser Light

 Penetrate into deep skin, accelerate metabolism of active massage

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