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Portable Galvanic Beauty Device


Galvanic is also known as Iontophoresis. With an "-" and "+" device and suitable gel, you will be able to achieve an excellent result of: skin abstergents+Max. increase skin nutrition absorption+Skin Whiteing+Smooth wrinkle

1). When conducting the nutrition in, the electricity will enter into the skin with the help of roller, and combine with the atoms of nutrition moving together, so that speed up the nutrition penetration and absorption.  

2). When conducting the impurity out, the direction of electrical field is opposite, so the impurities in pore will be brought out with the working


Negative abstergents fuction:

Use clear spring water for negatively charged Pre-Treat. It contains mild surfactants allowing it to purify the skin. During the Pre-Treat cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also negatively charged. As you may know, like charges repel each other. Therefore, as the two negative charges repel each other, the negatively charged Galvanic Instrument helps to deliver the dead cell and dust out of the skin.


Positive in:

Use a clear nutrition lotion for positively treatment. During the Treatment cycle, the Galvanic Instrument is also positively charged. The positive charges again repel each other, helping to deliver the beneficial ingredients, including magnesium, aspartate, and arginine, into the skin. Simply removing any excess gel from the skin with a damp cloth will leave skin refreshed and radiant.

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