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Facial Steamer


Hot and Cold Ionic Facial Steamer


This is the first mini household beauty apparatus which integrates cool and hot sprays into one part in the world since it is a genuine spray apparatus with hot and cool tanks separated. The beauty efficacy and theory of the hot spray is the common sense for all the women, so we would like to describe the beauty efficacy of the cool spray. The cool spray has soothing effect to the sensitive, acne and excessively thin skin and enjoys special efficacy for shrinking the pores and restoring you with a bright and delicate skin. In summer, cool mist is specially required to replenish water.

1.Hot mist to eliminate filth ,whiten and fade speckle
The permeation of the steam can make epidermic cells soften and expand, facilitate the removal of the aged keratinized cells and achieve a bright, smooth and delicate skin. The elasticity and gloss of the skin are determined by the content of the collagen and hydrophilic factors, which can promote the regeneration of skin’s collagen and activate the hydrophilic factors of the skin and make the skin more tender, smooth, fair and transparent.

2.Replenish water with cool mist for anti-allergy and desensitization
The cool mist will not lead to anetodermia and the fine mist will help the skin to absorb while improving cold resistance capability of the body and helping to safeguard against catching cold. The long-term use of the cool spray can inhibit melanocytes, fade black spot, reduce the temperature of skin surface, shrink the pores, diminish inflammation, remove redness and release allergy. Besides skin care, it also can be used for interior humidifying in a powerful, even and efficient way. The anion cool mist can fresh air and promote healthy.

3.Intensify the skin elasticity with alternation of cool and hot mist


1.It is the first steamer in the world which integrates Chinese herbal medicine beauty care, aromatherapy, hot and cool steam into one apparatus.          
2.The special design of the steam rod: The pioneer of placing the Chinese herbal medicine container into the steam rod to prevent liquid of the Chinese herbal medicine flow to the main device to affect the machine life.     
3.It is including three patent: Inventive patent, utility patent and design patent.        
4.The steam rod can rotate to 360, you can lie in bed and enjoy the beauty care just as served in beauty salon.


Operating principles
Cool sprayer is composed by steam generator and ultrasonic atomizer. The electric heating element which placed in the beaker will produce heat energy when current passes through, the temperature of the water will increase gradually until boiling and generate steam and further spouts out mist from the spout of the steam pipe to form hot mist. The mist will be further atomized into the ultra-fine particles of 1~5 μm through a specially designed ultrasonic vibrator and spread into the air through pneumatic device to make the air moisturized and associated with abundant oxygen anion and just as if place yourself in a natural forest .

Technical parameters
Product size: 20×19×6cm
Tube length: 22cm
Product weight: 1.05kgs
Materials: ABS
Packing way: 1pc/gift box, 10pcs/carton

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