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1.Theory of E-light:
It is the new generation of beauty treatment machine that combined two major function of transmission of electromagnetic waves and pulse-light. It is different from laser and other light treatment, as it’s cardinal work is the use of pulse-light of multi-wavelength and transmission of electromagnetic waves absorbed by pathological tissues, then converted the electromagnetic energy into light and heat energy, and stimulates the activation of collagen mother cells to make the skin rearrange, collagen albumen reproduce and the grain of skin rebuild. At the same time it can improve the bulky pore, so as to reach the effect of tightening skin from inner to exterior, improving not only the equality color of skin, but also your skin rejuvenation.

Spectrum:690nm, 640nm, 590nm,530nm, 480nm
Energy density:IPL:0~50J/cm2 RF: 0~20J/cm2
Pulse width:1-10ms (The max. of first pulse and the second pulse width is 10ms ), 1-5ms(The max. of the third and the other pulse width is 5ms)
RF pulse:50ms-2500ms
Repeat frequency:1~4s
Pulse number:1~6 s
Spots size:8 mm×40mm
Cooling system:Water closed & Semi-Conductor Cooling System.
Power supply:220 V Ac, 50Hz/60Hz
Size:about 600mm×460mm×500mm
Weight:About 40Kg

1. Hair removal, remove light-colored or dark and thick extra hair
2. Skin rejuvenation, shrink pore
3. Pigmentation therapy, remove flecks, age spot, etc
4. Acne treatment
5. Vascular treatment
6. Promote collagen to grow, strengthen flexibility of skin

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