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Vacuum&Cavitation Slimming Machine


Vacuum bipolar RF+Ultrasonic+Multi-polar RF+Bio


Vacuum Bipolar RF Probe---- Dissolve Fat, Lymph Drainage, Tighten Skin, Enhance Skin Elasticity.
40 KHz Ultrasonic Probe----Dwindle fatty cells, crack fatty cells, reduce the amount of fat cells.
Multi-polar Body RF Probe----Further dissolve fat, help to expel the redundant fat and toxin out of

body through sweat gland and hepato-enteric circulation.

Facial RF Probe----Eliminate facial wrinkles, tighten facial skin and lift facial skin.
BIO Facial Probe----Positive and negative micro bio-electric current stimulate collagen to regenerate,

remove wrinkles, prevent skin aging, tighten skin, restore skin elasticity, improve facial complexion.


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