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Bipolar RF


RF-SH1 Bipolar RF Beauty Device


How does Radio Frequency System Work ?

RF Wrinkle Removal System designs with special direction electrode and high efficiency cooling technology. The Cu-alloy material of electrode with high conductivity ensures the RF energy heating the collagen of hypo derma layer equably. The collagen will be shrunk quickly after absorbed the energy. The fiber-cells will produce the new collagen after stimulated. Which would smooth the wrinkle and tighten the skin tissue.

The skin will get back to juvenescence and healthy status. The senescence of skin can be postponed. The first treatment lets you feel the excellent result immediately. After the following treatment, you will feel your skin is younger and smoother than before. The treatment results may depend on the age and skin condition.

Items Specification

RF Radio Frequency:          3 Mhz
RF applicator:                      Bipolar
Energy:                                1-15J/cm2
Voltage:                                AC100-240V,50-60hz
Probes:                                Two(10mm,32mm)
Output mode:                       Five
Size:                                     280*280*130mm
Weight:                                 2kg


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