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LCD Seven Colour Photon & ultrasonic  Instrument


 Beauty equipment Main Functions:

1.promoting the growth of new-born blood vessel.

2.help the replication of collagen fiber;

3. promoting lymphoid system circulation;

4. increasing cell membrane's to the oxygen and water to measure deeply,can make the cell absorb more oxygens.



Color Photon Therapy

1) Pulse seven colorful kinetic energy light techniques through the clinical trial of several years and the thorough research of the medical expert, the following effect has already obtained a confirmation.

2) Can with function in cell membrane, regulate the fatty acids of cell, promote the creation of inside the cell, arouses the metabolism of cell, storing the energy that cell need thus.

3) Increase cell membrane's to the oxygen and water to measure deeply, can make the cell absorb more oxygen.

4) Arouses natural defend a mechanism of body, increase blood plasma albumen etc. blood composition, so strengthen human body immunity dint.

5) Help replication of collagen fiber.

6) Promote the growth of new-born blood vessel.

6) Regulate the nervous system of human body.

7) Promote lymphoid system circulation.

8) Speeding DNA inside the body and protein synthesizes, attaining a delicate skin and dispelling a wrinkly purpose thus.

9) Seven kinds of color lights is different to skin function because of different wave-length:

  (1) Red light(R)-activate (wave-length 640 nm)

     Remove sallow, wrinkle, immature acne skin quality; Accelerate blood circulation function, promote activate of the skin organize. Apply scope: Any skin. 

  (2) Blue light(B)-slow(wave-length 480 nm)

     Promote glair and bone gum synthesize at first, activate a skin, the constringency relax of skin. Apply scope: Any skin.

  (3) Green light(G)-parallelism(wave-length 518 nm)

     Regulate a callous gland body function, improve an oiliness skin, black -face role, blackhead, acne etc. Apply scope: Oiliness skin.

  (4) Purple light(R+B)-drain(wave-length 640 nm)

  (5) The light(R+G) of Huang-protection(wave-length 590 nm)

  (6) The month is only green (G+B) - right (wavelength 640 nm)

  (7) White light(R+B+G)-ducting (wave-length 510 nm)


Ultrasonic Therapy:

Flap to become bankrupt to living ultrasound of having the deep penetrability through each 1,000,000 time high frequency, ultrasonic function in human body behind absorb for the machine body, the voice can turn into  thermal energy, making soft and very small massage to the skin cell while warming up the function, promoting the blood circulation of the human body capillaries, accelerate metabolism to promote the nourishment material absorb, improve defense ability of the machine body, activate skin cell, repress germ to breed.

1) Beautify a skin: cancellation wrinkle and cancellation black spot, cancellation pimple.

2) Weight reduction result: clear away fat, partial weight reduction, whole body weight reduction.



Output frequency:10W

Output voltage:DC-24V


Packing:21cm X 18cmX6cm.




Product name

Technique parameter


Carton Size






L x W x H(cm)



Seven color Photon & Ultrasonic beautiful skin instrument

Voltage: AC100~240V                        Output frequency:10W
Output voltage:DC-24V







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